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All My SW Runes - Summoners War Rune Database and Optimizer

× !!! New Notice 17.09.2016 !!!
We removed optimization function, as it is putting too much load on the server. You can still export your runes from the exports page and the download links for the self-host version will stay up for now.
All runes - Advanced tab displaying all substats
ID Location Set Slot Grade Level Eff% Main stat Innate stat Substats
Type Value Type Value ATK% ATK DEF% DEF HP% HP SPD ACC RES CRate CDmg
Rune details (* = required)
All runes
ID Location Set Slot Grade Level Main stat Innate stat Eff % Action
Type Value Type Value
All monsters
ID Name Level Base stats Action
Monster details and base stats (* = required)
Total set bonuses
Total monster stats
Equipped runes

1.Monster and base stats
Base stats:
2.Sets and slot types (*choose at least 1)
3.Additional preferences
Include these runes
Do not include these runes

Generate ALL possible builds(ignores focus panel):

Generate BEST BUILDS with focus on those stats:
< HP <
< ATK <
< DEF <
< SPD <
< CR <
< CD <
< RES <
< ACC <

runeIds* sets*
Actual stats / +15 stats
slots 2/4/6* substat
HP ATK DEF SPD CRate CDmg RES ACC DPS(atk) Eff.HP Eff.HP (def br) HP ATK DEF SPD CRate CDmg RES ACC DPS(atk) Eff.HP Eff.HP (def br)
* Table function "Search" is limited only to columns runeIds, sets and slots2/4/6.
** Optimization results expire on every whole hour.
*** The top row in green is the monster current build.
[NEW!!! 17.09.2016]
We removed optimization function, as it is putting too much load on the server.
You can still export your runes from the exports page and the download links for the self-host version will stay up for now.
Follow these instructions to run it locally on your machine being limited only by your CPU and RAM:
Download v1.05
Download v1.06

Please read the Notes tab!

To SAVE the current runes and monsters use the "Export" button. The tool automaticaly saves your data to your browser cache after every change. But to be 100% sure better copy the data and save it to a file on your machine.
To LOAD your runes into the tool, simply paste the saved data into the text field and press "Import" button. If you get pop-ups upon import, the data has been corrupted and some columns may be empty.
If you have data saved in browser cache, it will be imported automatically on page load.

  • Save your data: Please, read how to SAVE your data. Regularly save the data to a file on your computer, do not depend entirely on cached data in Browser. Do not blame us for lost data.
  • Monsters and Runes: The tool does not automaticaly save your data upon change. To apply changes into tables press "Save current".
  • Runes: Please, do not create IMPOSSIBLE runes. There is no validation, but your monster statistics will be wrong.
    (example: main or sub stat ATK +2000 or Slot 2 with main stat RES)
  • Runes: Level up your runes! The higher level your runes are, the more their pottential is unlocked and the more accurate results you will get in "Actual" and "+15" tables.
  • Monsters: Name your monsters differently, to avoid confusion when assigning runes to them.
    (example: "Zairos", "Zairos 2" or "Verde atk", "Verde hp" )
  • Runes and Monsters: Please, do not assign non number values for the stats, calculations will not work.
  • Optimizer: Be as precise as possible. Do not set ridiculous preferences for the Optimizer. With even 50 runes all the possible permutations are an ENORMOUS count, the tool will work very slow. BE SMART!
    (example for ridiculous: set1=Energy, all other fields empty)
  • Optimizer with Focus: This option is still developed. Focusing does not take into consideration rune set
    (example: no entered sets, slot2 SPD, Focus on SPD. The results will not be focused on Builds with 3 Swift runes. Better enter: set1=Swift, slot2 SPD, Focus on SPD)
  • Optimizer with Focus: This option shows only the best Builds focused on the chosen stats. The more stats you choose, the more the focus will be spread. Better do 3 searches with a single Focus, than one search with all 3 Focuses
    (example: focuses on SPD, HP and RES will spread out the focus too much and build with +16 SPD my be lost in favour of a build with +6 SPD, +6 HP, +10 RES. Better do all 3 searches to be sure not to miss the Perfect build)
  • Runes substat upgrades: When choosing a set, take into consideration column "substat upgrades" - number of additional substat upgrades the runes will get when leveled up.
Change Log
  • 17.09.2016 - (INFO) Time To Say Goodbye! :
    • We decided to disable the optimization functionality as of now.
    • You can still export your runes/monsters from the website and use it somewhere else
    • Alternative tools:
      • Windows 10 App Version - LINK
      • Simplified Browser Version of the Win 10 App - LINK
      • Run this rune optimizer on your own computer (there won't be any more updates) - Download v1.06
  • 22.02.2016 - (v1.06) Colourful:
    • Runes: added colours
    • Optimizer: changes in result generation. May work a little slower, but will be stable at higher load. *cough* FRR
    • Optimizer: removed default filter values
  • 04.02.2016 - (v1.05) Over 100k HP:
    • Optimizer: added Efficient Hp with and without def break/ Based on HP and Def stats
    • Optimizer: added top row with stats of current equiped build
    • Optimizer: fixed bugs with Focus optimization
  • 25.01.2016 - (v1.04) Dat Efficiency:
    • Optimizer: improved performance for people outside EU and with slower connection
    • Optimizer: changed option "Use only runes lvl 6+" to manually imput lvl
    • Optimizer & Build preview: added DPS based on Atk, C.Rate, C.Dmg, Speed and Violent. Do not use it to compare different monsters, because it is based on monsters Base Speed.
    • Runes & Adv.runes: fixed table when there are longer names
    • Runes & Adv.runes: added default sort order
    • Runes: added Stat Efficiency based on Barion's formula, but flat stats have multiplier of 1/2. Note that runes under +12 and without Innate stat will have lower value. Efficiency can go over 100% after using Grindstones.
    • Build Preview: added section "Current equipped stats" showing the stats with current equipped runes so it's easy to compare
  • 12.01.2016 - (v1.03) Moved to a new server in EU:
    • Optimizer: changed "Use only 6* runes for slots 2,4,6" to include 5* SPD on slot 2
    • Optimizer: added option "Use only runes lvl 6+"
    • Import: added option on Import "Replace "(In Storage)" in Monster names with *"
    • Monster: added buttons to Lock, Unlock, Unequip and Delete runes on a monster
  • 08.01.2016 - (v1.02) For those of you who want multisorting or custom formulas:
    • Optimizer: added option to produce results in CSV file so you can apply your custom formulas
  • 04.01.2016 - (v1.01) Further improvements in performance:
    • SWParser.exe: use this tool by /u/kakarotoks to export your data directly from your phone
    • Runes: added button Lock All Equipped
    • Optimizer: reduced strain on server
  • 24.12.2015 - (v1.0) Added server and database for faster build preview:
    • Tool: added messaging system, removed popups
    • Runes: added validation and warning for invalid runes on import
    • Runes: added buttons Unequip All, Unlock All, Delete all
    • Monsters: added button Delete all
    • Optimizer: greatly improved performance, added "No broken set option", no more irresponsive scripts, can show over 1milion builds(slow, but can do)
  • 13.10.2015 - (v0.10) Added Advanced Rune Tab displaying all substats with sorting and filtering. All credits to BeZhoe
  • 12.09.2015 - (v0.9) Added Destroy rune
  • 12.06.2015 - (v0.8) Filtering results by stat values:
    • Optimizer: added filtering of the results by min/max values (slows the table redrawing)
    • Build preview: added buttons "Lock runes", "Unlock runes", "Equip runes"
    • Tool: added web counter and donate button
  • 1.06.2015 - (v0.7) Runes input update:
    • Runes: added filtering in Runes table
    • Runes: rune main stat value is auto populated based on Grade and Level. Doesn't work with grades 1 and 2. Couldn't find data
  • 31.05.2015 - (v0.6) Faster optimization by choosing stats to focus on:
    • Optimizer: added panel with stats to Focus on
    • Optimizer: 2 different optimizations: One with ALL possible builds, second with Focus on chosen stats (but showing less builds)
  • 28.05.2015 - (v0.5) More counters:
    • Optimizer: added permutations counting
    • Optimizer: added warning for too many results
    • Optimizer: added field "Include these runes". Only those runes will be used in their slots.
    • Import/Export: Saved in browser cache after every change.
  • 25.05.2015 - (v0.4) Pages are back:
    • Optimizer: over 300% shorter calculations time
    • Tables: pagination is back; dont ask for scroller, please
    • Optimizer: only 1 table with switching between Actual and +15 stats
    • Optimizer: added max cap for C.Rate, Acc and Res
    • Runes: added locking of runes
    • Runes: "Use only runes without monster" changed to "Use only runes from inventory"
  • 21.05.2015 - (v0.3) Added:
    • Build preview: results from Optimizer tables can be visually previewed and saved in export data
    • Tables: removed pagination and added scroller
    • Tables: slightly optimized for faster initialization
    • Optimizer: even when "Use only runes without monster" is checked, the current equipped runes on the monster will be considered for the optimization
    • Rune slot preview: added rune location and id
  • 17.05.2015 - (v0.2) Added 2 preferences and helpers in registering runes:
    • Preferences: checkboxes "Use only 6* runes" and "Use only 5/6* runes"
    • Runes: when entering slot 1,3 or 5, the main stat type is changed to ATK flat, DEF flat and HP flat
    • Runes: when setting an innate or substat to "-" the value for it is cleared
  • 16.05.2015 - (v0.1) Release of beta version:
    • Runes management: create, update, delete, preview
    • Monster management: create, update, delete, preview
    • Monster runes preview
    • Optimizer with preferences: set1, set2, set3, main stats on slots 2,3,4
    • Import/Export functionality with saving into browser cookies
    • Tested (sort of) on Mozilla Firefox 29.0.1, Chrome 42.0.2311.152, IE 10.0.9200
  • 11.05.2015 - start of development
Notes for the future
  • Optimizer: add column for ATK based DPS
  • Optimizer: offer user to imput secondary calculation instead of always +15
  • Optimizer: Make searches for spd/hp/def and spd/def/hp interchangeable
  • Import: Add checkboxes "Import only 5/6* runes", "Filter out silver monsters" or "Filter out 4* and below" - still not final
  • Import: Import directly from a file
  • Runes create/update: Add validation for impossible runes
    (example: Slot 2 with main stat RES)
  • Runes create/update (OR in Monster preview): Add validation and Notice that the monster has more than 6 runes equipped or more than 1 rune for a slot
  • Monsters: When entering a name for new monster, offer an option to autocomplete the stats at 40lvl
  • Hosting: Implement login, rune/monster/build bookmarking and sharing
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